English Services

“RPN Accounting” is a company oriented to providing services to foreign contractors willing to invest in Bulgaria or already started working in the local economic environment.

Since we firmly believe the communication process must not represent a setback for the successful business, we have put a lot of efforts into the development of an English Services Platform.

Thanks to that our company can provide financial and consultancy services in English in several important aspects:

Communication in English:

Any communication and official correspondence could be led directly in English from our specialists. That includes personal communication over phone, Skype and e-mail throughout the business day as well as in urgent cases out of business hours. We are always ready to respond to your needs. That is often one of the most essential factors for successful co-operation and smooth business process.

Consultation in English:

“RPN Accounting” specialists are ready to prepare the necessary consultations required from the client in English including the use of specially developed multimedia or legislation materials (if needed) translated in English. This process could be crucial for the foreign contractor’s proper understanding of the local legislation requirements and the further possible actions in the respective situation.

Accountancy in English:

English language is quite important to many foreign investors in Bulgaria who prefer to obtain every day accounts or calculations explained in English so that everything could be easily understandable. Along with the mandatory national accountancy in Bulgarian, we can offer you diverse options to prepare daily, weekly and monthly calculations or administrative reports in English as well.

Reporting in English:

The accountancy process is the core of any activity. We are aware that certain special reporting forms or requirements could be set on our client from foreign partners or consortiums. We are ready for co-operation and what is even more important – we do have the necessary skills, experience and expertise to prepare the relevant accountancy data in English.

Last but not least, we have launched our web site entirely in English as well so that all our potential partners could get familiar with the specifics of our works and the range of our services.

Do not hesitate, choose “RPN Accounting” for your international accountancy partner in Bulgaria!