Taxation – Key Business Stimulus Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher
  • Taxation – Key Business Stimulus

    Give your business a fresh start by investing in Bulgaria – take vantage of the extremely low tax burden in this EU state member.

  • Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away

    The access into Bulgaria’s economic life has never been easier – “RPN Accounting” will show you the ropes.

  • Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations

    The communication with Bulgaria’s authorities can be executed in a fast, predictable and flawless fashion.

  • Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability

    The high range of companies investing in Bulgaria proves the beneficial aspect of the outsourcing formula in all state economic sectors.

  • Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher

    Investments in Bulgaria can provide an extraordinary business opportunity within the EU - extremely low payroll cost for high-quality labor force.

Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations

Every single country has its own peculiarities in terms of the local authorities’ requirements and the challenges of leading official business correspondence in an effort to meet those obligations. Furthermore, these relations are ones that cannot be avoided, should you ultimate goal be to start and execute business plans within that very country.

In relation to the above stated extremely important factor for determination of the business environment’s level of attraction and the opportunities for successful business projects, Bulgaria can be defined as one of the new EU states that have achieved considerable progress in the field. This helped a lot the local country’s reputation reach its highest international business and investment position ever, thereby providing attractive new horizons for those entrepreneurs who are willing to search for new successful challenges.

Bulgaria’s local authorities are eloquently business-friendly by being oriented to the needs of the business entities themselves rather than making the entire process sluggish or unpredictable.

That is why we, the specialists of “RPN Accounting”, would like to welcome you to consider the chance to invest in Bulgaria and contact us for dealing with the mandatory requirements that will have to be met with regards to the legislation and accountancy standards. The bureaucracy here is minimized but we strongly recommend that you find a trustworthy consultancy and financial partner who you would be able to operate with.

RPN Accounting’s” experience in the field of successful execution of international companies’ accountancy and financial procedures and their need for communication with the local authorities suggests that you will certainly have to step into specific relations which can be handled by our team. Those relations include:

  • • Full coverage of all taxation relations – on a monthly or annual basis (VAT, Corporate tax, Dividend tax, etc.).
    • Full coverage of all payroll relations – ensuring the establishment and handling of proper personnel relations within the company.
    • Full coverage of all scrutinized revisions or standard reviews of the company’s affairs instigated by different local authorities.
    • Full coverage of all other specific individual relations that the essence of the business itself can be bound to according to the local and international legislation requirements.

That stands for “RPN Accounting’s” capability of successfully meeting both the needs for executing professional communication with the relevant authorities within the state and your specific vision of the company’s future development. Thus, you will rest assured that all your actions will be lawfully reported and presented before all institutions that might have the authorization to review and scrutinize them.

The “RPN Accounting’s” can help your company’s deals to be executed according to the legislation requirements introduced by the EU governments’ anti-recession policies in today’s time of constant legislation changes.

The high range of the services “RPN Accounting” can provide turns our company into an attractive partner which professional assistance you will undoubtedly find quite useful once having launched your business projects. What we offer is simply impeccable aid for your successful business initiative as we are well aware that every new country you step into can sometimes seem alien or difficult to understand or develop in. Our mission is to make you feel comfortable in Bulgaria’s economic life so that you could unveil the potential of your business spirit.