Taxation – Key Business Stimulus Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher
  • Taxation – Key Business Stimulus

    Give your business a fresh start by investing in Bulgaria – take vantage of the extremely low tax burden in this EU state member.

  • Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away

    The access into Bulgaria’s economic life has never been easier – “RPN Accounting” will show you the ropes.

  • Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations

    The communication with Bulgaria’s authorities can be executed in a fast, predictable and flawless fashion.

  • Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability

    The high range of companies investing in Bulgaria proves the beneficial aspect of the outsourcing formula in all state economic sectors.

  • Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher

    Investments in Bulgaria can provide an extraordinary business opportunity within the EU - extremely low payroll cost for high-quality labor force.

Taxation – Key Business Stimulus

Taxation levels represent one of the most important reason for outsourcing business ventures worldwide. Lower taxes stand for lower business cost. That is why every investor searches for a place where they can start and develop their business projects without being too harshly indebted by the government with different government fees and taxes that would make any profit much less considerable.

Furthermore, in today’s time of mass worldwide economic and financial downturn companies are willing to invest in stable economic environment that can ensure the flawless execution of all business affairs with as little tax cost as possible.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned circumstances, we, the specialists from “RPN Accounting”, would like to welcome you to start your new business adventure in one of the most fiscally and economically stable EU state member – the Republic of Bulgaria.

Having rich experience in the financial and economic field, “RPN Accounting” is a company dedicated to promote the indisputable advantages and invaluable benefits of making fresh investments in Bulgaria. We are more than certain in the stability and the positive perspectives before the economy of our country.

One of the major competitive advantages you might be interested in is the extremely low tax burden your company will have to deal with if you decide to invest in Bulgaria. The government submitted and has been applying a flat corporate tax rate of 10% for a few years. That turns out to be a great stimulus for both foreign capital investments and local companies thereby playing a key role in the future development of the state economy as a whole.

As a matter of fact, Bulgaria does apply the lowest corporate tax rate in the entire European Union as visible from the comparison with states within the structure below:

EU Member StateCorporate Tax Rate (2012)

Bulgaria 10 %

Romania 16 %

Greece 25 %

United Kingdom 20% – 24 %

France 33 %

Having in mind that corporate tax rates directly affect the profit of the company itself, we can assure you that the effect of the latter on your business will be one of the most advantageous you can find without the need for leaving the EU as a place for your project actual realization.

Besides the above stated clearly positive features of investments in Bulgaria, we would like to emphasize that the rest of the taxes you could be obliged to pay in terms of VAT and dividends are also at very low and attractive levels. Thus, your business could get a fresh start in the next step of your development and expansion of both your market positions and purely economic point of view regarding new business opportunities.

In the light of this business tax-favorable environment, the role of “RPN Accounting” as a widely recognized professional accountancy and consultancy company is to help you get acquainted with the chances and opportunities to step into the Bulgarian market or outsource your business (manufacturing, trade, services, IT technology, etc.) in this EU state. We are devoted to assist our clients in the best possible way in terms of tax consultations and clarification provided in order them to be able to get both basic and deeper knowledge in the field of taxation in Bulgaria.

The main mission of “RPN Accounting” is to ensure any company willing to invest in Bulgaria will get professional and competent advice and recommendations so that they could feel well off with the Bulgarian taxation environment and bring their investment plans to reality.

Beyond doubt, that will simplify your path in an effort to refresh your business by giving you new perspectives with regards to the high range of investment opportunities before you in today’s complicated economic situation.