Online Banking Services

Since the contemporary accounting is inextricably bound to using Internet and all its features in order to reach prompt and immediate financial reporting, the bank sector has also developed a system that is easily accessible and available to all companies. Through the online banking option, a great deal of effort and time is now saved to both investment companies and accountancy firms.

In the context of this, “RPN Accounting” has expanded its services accordingly – so that it could be in pace with today’s technologies and all advantageous opportunities created by the bank institutions. That is why we have developed our skills and knowledge offering all positive features of online banking as a time-saving and business-favorable tool.

The specialists of “RPN Accounting” have rich experience in the area of banking and operating with software allowing them to execute transactions (including payments) via Internet, should the clients themselves have approved the operation in question.

“RPN Accounting” offers fast and accurate solutions to both delays in banking operations and getting basic information regarding the bank sector in Bulgaria. Those services are oriented mostly to international companies willing to invest in the country or striving for turning their banking experience in a pleasantly spent time with no extra hassle.

Should you confide your accounting with “RPN Accounting”, you can take vantage of the following banking services:

  • Online banking (including all its relevant features).
  • Banking sector diversity recommendations.
  • Bank products comparison according to certain indicators and specific features (important to the client himself).

Via the online banking option, you and your management staff will certainly have a considerable amount of time freed from extra obligations thereby getting the opportunity to concentrate on your management duties. All that is going to be needed is just your approval and your signature for the relevant transactions execution. That procedure will undoubtedly make your banking experience much more attractive having in mind the comfort and convenience you can get.

Furthermore, “RPN Accounting” can provide valuable information regarding the banking sector in Bulgaria in terms of services, reputation and availability. This could be precious advice if you would like to change your current servicing bank or if you are still wondering which particular bank you should pick. Taking into account our banking experience, we can give you honest and objective recommendations concerning the individual banks in the sector.

Last but not least, “RPN Accounting” is well aware of the fact that every company makes its choice about the bank partner according to certain considerations and the specific needs of the business itself. Through our experience we possess the capacity to claim that we have a general notion of the banks’ products and we can guide you through to finding the most appropriate bank for your business. No doubt will that depend on your special preferences – credit orientation, deposit offers, branch availability, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact “RPN Accounting” if you would like to get updated and competent banking information along with smooth and flawless online banking services.