Online Communication Services

In today’s fast developing world counting more and more on high-technologies, it is essential for the business to be able to communicate and keep in touch with its partners. That is even more than important when it comes to the communication process with your financial and accountancy partner.

“RPN Accounting” offers the following services related to online communication, should you choose to join our high range of international clients:

  • Online communication via Skype (including online assistance if needed).
  • Online communication via E-mail (including sending and receiving of scanned documentation).
  • Well-organized web site for better familiarization with our company and the range of the services available.
  • Online calculation of Net-Gross salaries.

Since one business definitely needs supportive and helpful partnership, especially in terms of financial and accountancy services, “RPN Accounting” has created a constant connection to its customers via Skype that allows communication in English as well. Thus, we can assure our clients get immediate support, should they need it. That could happen with only one click. We are open to new developments and we shall keep on relying on high-technological achievements by introducing them in our work, should that be helpful to our customers.

Moreover, we pay special attention to our e-mail correspondence that is still considered the official way of communication with clients. Not only can you use our e-mail for different queries and consultations that might appear, but also for providing scanned copies of your documentation. That way, you can save valuable time and simultaneously have your accounts updated. The originals of the documentation submitted can be delivered at a later stage thereby replacing the scanned copies in our files.

Finally, all clients of “RPN Accounting”, present as well as future ones, can take vantage of our excellent web site that has been created for better familiarization with our company and the services we provide. We are well aware that in today’s business world every well-respected company in the field must have an Internet available profile through their own web site that can reveal their structure, features and business mission.

One of the main goals of “RPN Accounting” is to develop even further in terms of using high-technologies so that we could be competitive and supportive with all available technological means possible striving for the highest comfort of all our customers.