Full-Scale Accountancy Services

“RPN Accounting” is specialized in providing full-scale accountancy services to all companies, especially international ones that are willing to invest in Bulgaria.

“RPN Accounting” has the level of capacity and professionalism to handle the accountancy services and reporting of those international firms that operate on the local market and need competent assistance ensuring the accurate calculation and prompt preparation of their all account records.

The full-scale accountancy services include proper interpretation and precise dealing with the following aspects of your economic activity:

  • Preparation of monthly VAT returns.
  • Management and legal authorities reporting.
  • Smart accountancy solutions in specific internal economic and financial areas.
  • Overall accountancy services.

The activity you perform on the local market will be certainly bound to execution of purchases and sales that will result in the need for VAT reporting which will allow you to get tax credit and to be refunded the VAT you have paid. “RPN Accounting” can help your company to take advantage of the tax system, we can optimize your VAT policy by preparing VAT returns on a monthly basis.

The full-scale accountancy services “RPN Accounting” offers are related also to the accurate preparation of any type of management as well as local authorities’ reports concerning the activity of your company. Our specialists can provide that the execution of any reporting issue meets both the legislation and the management requirements in each separate case. We have also developed the option to prepare some of those reports in English for the convenience of international regulatory or management bodies. Thus, you can rest assured that our partnership will suffice for your different company’s needs and will stand for being a long-term relationship investment that is worth turning to.

Apart from the above described advantages, “RPN Accounting” can also be useful to your future improvement by helping you to attain the maximum level of optimization and reach smart solutions concerning different areas of your finances. We can not only do the account records of your company, but we can also be an important part of your further improvement and development.

Last but not least, we would like to emphasize that “RPN Accounting” has the capability of providing overall accountancy services according to the general legislation requirements. Should you need full-scale accountancy services, you simply have to contact “RPN Accounting”. Thus, you would not be required to launch any additional efforts for your accountancy reporting apart from your management functions. That will certainly spare your time enabling you to invest it in much more management-related activities which should be your main priority.

The best proof of the reliability and the high level of professionalism of “RPN Accounting” are the positive feedback and the high appreciation given by our current international partners. In fact, we consider this the best advertisement for our perfect services as well as the most important reward for all our efforts.