Payroll Services

Establishing proper relations with the employees and accurate reporting of all specific accountancy features related to the human factor in one company has always been in the focus of attention of the company’s management, the people themselves and the government. Besides, the human power within a project can be both a powerful tool for achieving success and a great asset so long as it’s organized and guided appropriately.

“RPN Accounting” is an accountancy company offering the proper reporting and the most efficient legal using of your company personnel in terms of flexibility, adhering to all law requirements and providing additional stimulus, should the latter be a part of your employee’s motivation system.

Our payroll services are executed in strict conformity with all legal requirements in Bulgaria. We can render invaluable aid in terms of the accountancy organization of your human power working process so that you could accomplish both efficiency and satisfaction while simultaneously not a single law or legislative requirement gets breached.

The scale of “RPN Accounting” payroll services includes specific services in the following essential payroll areas:

  • Preparation and proper execution of labor contracts.
  • Preparation and proper execution of civil contracts.
  • Flexibility in the preparation of an efficient working payroll time schedule.
  • Building up a bonus and additional payments system according to the management’s preferences.
  • Proper reporting of all other specific payroll features (vacations, sick leaves, yearly vacation schedule, etc.).
  • Management reports on different departments or other requirements.

The Payroll services of “RPN Accounting” can serve as an important guideline, especially for an international company that is willing to develop its activity in Bulgaria relying on the local labor force. The employment system has plenty of built-in advantages but you will certainly need a professional assistant in that process in order to get an advantageous position.

The team of “RPN Accounting” can provide essential advice and recommendations how most efficiently to organize your working force.

On the one hand that includes the most appropriate choice of labor and civil contracts depending on the development of the positions held, your investment plans and your own view of the situation. Thus, you will be able to spread the payroll funds in accordance with the current needs of your own business project and to invest in segments where that is more vital.

On the other hand the payroll optimization process might need certain plans regarding the most effective payroll time scheduling of the working process. We are able to give you a hand in an effort to make the best fitting payroll schedule of the different departments in your company so that the working process could flow in a smooth and money-saving fashion.

Besides, employers often insist on having an additional stimulus payment system that will motivate their staff or will just distribute those funds in a sensible fashion. “RPN Accounting” has both the knowledge and experience in that field and can offer solutions, thereby making the payroll system applicable for those very purposes.

Last but not least, you can count on “RPN Accounting” for the common reporting of all payroll features concerning your business venture. We have the capacity and the necessary practical skills to ensure the providing of prompt, accurate and efficient payroll services.