Administrative Services

Every business project’s preparation and smooth execution is related to stepping into relationships that are compulsory for the local legal environment. That mostly includes actions that are a must for every entity in terms of communication and correspondence with government and local authorities. Those relations are of great importance taking into consideration the fact that their misinterpretation or mishandling could well result in huge fines impositions or even business suspension.

That is why, as a company experienced in the accountancy and financial field, “RPN Accounting” strongly recommend that you confide this sensitive and delicate area of your business project with a professional firm providing those specialized services.

Realizing that essence as well as considering the great demand for such services, the team of “RPN Accounting” has developed its skills and competence in a way that could be regarded as highly professional. We have done that in an effort to expand our administrative services so that they could apply to the different needs of different companies. We have put a lot of effort to make sure the administrative services we provide respond to what is mostly demanded by international companies investing in Bulgaria. That is how we reached the key points we would like to highlight when it comes to the diversity of those very services within our company:

  • Taxation services.
  • Government financial authorities’ reporting.
  • Legal institutions’ relations.
  • Other administrative services.

“RPN Accounting” has paid special attention to the key role of taxation and its proper interpretation and application for both future international investments and foreign companies that have already started their economic life in Bulgaria. Hence, we are ready to co-operate with you attempting to provide high-quality administrative taxation services, efficiently and legally to build up the taxation of your entity in accordance with the local legislation requirements. Thus, we hope you will be able to take vantage of all possible and available options to stimulate your business in the uniquely favorable local taxation conditions.

Moreover, the administrative services of “RPN Accounting” include professional assistance in your mandatory government financial institutions’ reporting. We can also be your partner in the communication and correspondence with the legal institutions in Bulgaria. You do not have to worry any longer if everything in that administrative segment will be executed properly. You can rely on us to initiate, lead and respond to all queries that your company could be related to in terms of legal administration requirements or needs.

Finally, we should emphasize that “RPN Accounting” is trying to develop, improve and expand its administrative services, our doors are always open for new suggestions as well as new challenges in providing certain administrative services even though they could be missing from our current list. That is exactly why we consider ourselves a potentially helpful and qualitative partner in this field for all international companies that need such assistance.