Consulting Services

As a company – an accountancy and financial partner to several international firms investing in Bulgaria, the team of “RPN Accounting” is very well aware of the great business opportunities that can be revealed, should the investor have a competent advisor in the local legislation area. That way, the internationally oriented and experienced entrepreneur will be able to make its essential business decisions judging them from the position of having plenty of information regarding the local economic environment.

That is why “RPN Accounting” has specialized in providing consultancy services that are highly competent and could turn out to be vital for the enhancement of the business project itself. We know how important it is to be well informed in today’s fast moving and constantly changing business world, especially during recession and overall economic instability.

The surge for optimization of the business is getting more and more intensive which results in a greater number of companies investing in new destinations like Bulgaria or simply trying to improve their economic position once having accessed the local market. That creates the need for high-quality professionalism when it comes to establishing relations with local advisory and consultancy firms. In the context of that, “RPN Accounting” is able apply its knowledge and experience regarding this very field. We offer consultancy services that could be related to:

  • Registration and expansion optimization.
  • Tax optimization.
  • Overall consultancy coverage.

For those companies that have already started their businesses in Bulgaria, “RPN Accounting” can be a helpful partner with regards to consultancy advice on how more efficiently to organize their legal form or simply to open new branches or affiliates within the country. We can guide you through that entire process making certain you get well-informed of different existing opportunities how to optimize your company structure by adding new entities to it. Should there also be a better legal form your business project might acquire, rest assured we shall do the relevant research and provide you with competent recommendations depending on the specific features of your business area.

The team of “RPN Accounting” can give you competent advice and valuable recommendations in terms of your tax optimization as well. We shall let you know if there are any opportunities with the help of which you might improve your company’s taxation policy and if you might take advantage of any taxation-enhancement features you have omitted up to that moment. Those could be chances that are worth fighting for, especially given the circumstances of the mass recession and the global economic downturn.

Furthermore, you are welcome to turn to “RPN Accounting” for any type of financial or accountancy advice. Our doors are wide open for any queries as our policy always tolerate readiness and responsiveness. We shall be always able to appoint an official meeting and start a discussion on different economic topic you could find our advice useful for.

Do not underestimate the importance of professionalism and experience – trust “RPN Accounting” throughout your path to finding the most optimized shape of your business project by relying on the most advanced consultancy techniques.