Business Setup Services

The proper start of each single business project is of great importance for its ultimate success. That is equally true for both new business opportunities and outsourcing of existing business ventures to new locations. And the latter is the tendency which is getting more and more common nowadays as a stable trend in the entrepreneurs’ planning and investments.

We, the specialists of “RPN Accounting”, realize how essential it is for each international company to be assisted in the process of outsourcing or setting up their business in a new country destination as Bulgaria. Those first steps can have a decisive impact on both the easier access into Bulgaria’s economic environment and the overall future performance of the company itself.

Counting on its experience in the field and the ongoing strive for further development, “RPN Accounting” can proudly claim our business setup services are easily available and can represent a clear and flawless start for your company.

The business setup services “RPN Accounting” offers are related to the following areas of the business project start:

  • Initial consultation services with regards to the overall economic environment and the opportunity for your company.
  • Assistance in the proper registration of your project according to all relevant and applicable local laws and requirements.
  • Assistance in making the most optimized choice for a legal form of your business.
  • Building up an appropriate accountancy system based on different types of software ensuring the most efficient execution of all reporting procedures.

All steps in the business setup process should not be ignored or deemed ‘minor’. The team of “RPN Accounting” is well aware of that and will grant their assistance in each one of them.

First of all, “RPN Accounting” can give you practical advice and recommendations in terms of the local legislation procedures you are going to face once stepping on Bulgaria’s ‘soil’. That initial pre-business consultation will certainly throw further light on the business perspectives and opportunities before you, thereby ensuring your awareness of the current economic rules and regulations. Thus, you will be able to re-consider and improve each single step you plan to take.

Secondly, “RPN Accounting” can be your invaluable partner in all registration procedures you will need to undergo in order to start your legal business project. All those registration steps are inextricably bound to the economic segment your business will operate in, the number of people you will need to hire, the legal form of your entity, etc.

Furthermore, the legal form of your business should be chosen upon professional advice given from a local consultancy firm as “RPN Accounting”. You will be properly advised which particular available legal form you’d better pick depending on your goals, business and future investment plans. We shall share our experience with other international companies and guide you through to reach the most effective legal form your business should acquire.

Last but not least, “RPN Accounting” will help you develop an accountancy system that will serve your business in the best possible way ensuring the most efficient reflection of all business processes within the accounts records. That will also give you the chance to have an optimized reporting system for both internal management purposes and local government authorities requirements.

Do not hesitate to choose the best partner you could ever find for setting up your business in Bulgaria – “RPN Accounting”. Do not make any compromise with the quality of those important services since the successful initial start invariable stands for achieving ultimate success.