“RPN Accounting” represents one of the fastest growing companies in the field of financial and accounting services provided to foreign investment firms which have made their first steps into considering their appearance on the local market or simply plan to outsource one or more of their departments in Bulgaria.
Having preliminary sensed the tendency for more and more business projects to be attracted positively by Bulgaria’s economic reality as well as by the low labor cost and low taxation rates, the specialists of “RPN Accounting” succeeded in specializing in this field, thereby getting in touch with companies of different branches.

Thus, “RPN Accounting” developed the knowledge and capacity to handle the accountancy and reporting of those companies willing to access or having already become a part of Bulgaria’s economy. The services of our team include professional and efficient assistance with competitive full-scale coverage of the following areas:

  • Business Setup Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Full-Scale Accountancy Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Online Banking Services
  • Online Communication Services

As it might be easily figured, the services that “RPN Accounting” dedicated its activity to cover almost the entire process of functioning of one company in terms of creation (registration), accountancy system setup, accountancy and financial reporting along with all relevant features bound to it.

Moreover, from its very start the rich experience as well as the actual existence of “RPN Accounting” has been inextricably related to development and perfection in regard to ensuring foreign companies could set and expand their services in the local economic environment. That is the reason why we have managed to build our strong relationship on the basis of professionalism, dedication and devotion to the ultimate goal – the success and convenience of our clients. Thus, we have succeeded in developing a unique strategy and approach towards each individual partner making the best possible decisions when it comes to both our future prosperity and our mutual enhancement.

What actually makes “RPN Accounting” so special is our strong belief and conviction that each single company is special. Being driven by that simple notion, we have proven our key role not only in our constructive contribution towards the financial services we provide, but also in establishing a stable partnership and mutual respect with our clients achieving the most attractive business environment for the accomplishment of further higher objectives.