Remediation of Buildings – Business Opportunities

The intensive ongoing campaign for buildings remediation reveals new business opportunities before the Construction sector in Bulgaria. Financing of this process comes almost entirely from EU funds as per the approved government program for family buildings renovation. Such buildings include at least 36 separate apartments built on panel or reinforced concrete platforms. The program’s budget is 1 billion levs for a period of 2 years.

Return to construction dynamics

Remediation of buildings as per the government program has the capacity to stimulate considerably construction businesses in the country through the potentially involved inherent volume and work load. That seems an attractive business opportunity for the local construction companies most of which drastically reduced or even suspended their work as a result of the crisis that affected severely this particular business branch.

The program’s initiation is to increase competition among companies offering high-quality remediation services. The expected load of work will help construction businesses re-take their status and positions although by an additional activity on already existent and functional buildings.

Overall Economic Effect

The government program for family buildings renovation is expected to enhance considerably the energy effectiveness of buildings in Bulgaria. That will lead to reduction of families’ energy costs. Thus, the income available for consumption will grow and partially stimulate the goods turnaround. In the meantime, certain released energy resources could be used for the increase of the export volume.

In conclusion – the remediation of buildings in big Bulgaria’s cities will undoubtedly benefit almost everyone – ordinary people, businesses, the economy as well as the entire society. It practically exemplifies the importance of the business opportunities deriving from EU program funding with strictly defined end destination.

January 15th, 2015 Posted by RPNAdmin Filed in: Other