Plovdiv’s Advantages – Technical Specialists

Along with the already reviewed investment areas that could count on qualified specialists from the Plovdiv’s labor market we should not omit to pay attention to the so called “technical specialists” that comprise the “spine” of every manufacturing activity.

Plovdiv is famous for its economical, technological and foreign language specialists as well as for the qualified personnel that can be hired in a series of manufacturing branches. The great contribution to that belongs to the existing traditions in these sectors and the respective medium and high education institutions available in the city which have turned to a certain extent into symbols of business opportunities diversity in terms of qualitative labor force in the city and the adjacent region.

Food industry specialists

Plovdiv can boast with the largest and most respected high education institution in southern Bulgaria in this field – „The Food Technologies University“. On an annual basis it provides a serious qualification degree to hundreds of graduates that are subsequently involved actively in the labor force market – in all subareas of the manufacturing processes related to the food industry – confectionary, winery, food quality control, etc. This could be a key factor to every investor ready to start up a new business in this area since the personnel hiring process normally related to huge expenses and serious demand shouldn’t be that difficult in the local environment.

Specialists in specific technical fields

Likewise, Plovdiv has high-quality labor force in fields narrowly specialized in a certain technical area. The great contribution to that belongs to the large in capacity and potential city branch of “The Technical University” (Sofia). Thanks to the modern curricula it annually provides Plovdiv with qualified graduated specialists in areas like electronics, electrical technologies, aviation technologies, etc. Doubtless, the mechanically oriented projects and businesses that already penetrated the local labor market remain quite pleased with the quality and the price of the hired labor force. Some European giants in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies eloquently express their satisfaction with what they got as a result of their investments in Plovdiv.

All these aspects in a larger scale and in narrower sense illustrate the variety of the labor force in the second biggest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv. These facts along with the existing relatively low living standard in the state represent serious reasons for consideration of tracing unique business set-up opportunities and development of successful business projects in different segments. It is not surprising that many investment specialists foresee bright future perspectives before local business projects and even further expansion of the compatible environment and ostensible enhancement of the city business climate.

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