Plovdiv’s Advantages – Real Estate Property

Every company needs not only a headquarters with a particular address, but also an actual office area and on many occasions – storage base, shop area, etc. That is why the real estate property value in terms of rents as well as market prices represents a serious factor in the registration, outsourcing, functionality and development of every single company in a particular location.

In this regard Plovdiv has indubitable competitive advantages in comparison to the capital city of Sofia. The city real estate prices are affordable even to starting entrepreneurs; the area variety and diversification, the location and the respective prices depending on the particular current needs of the business itself additionally facilitate such investments execution.


At the beginning every businessman prefer renting a certain trading area in an effort to avoid his own risk exposure or ‘freezing’ too high for his own understanding capital funds. This approach is massive when it comes to small and medium-size companies, especially at the very start of the investment itself. Here Plovdiv can boast with an enormous diversity of opportunities that are able to live up to all expectations. The areas given for rent have both diversified characteristic features and attractive prices. Of course, one of the reasons for the latter is the extreme development of the city construction sector in the last decade.

Sales & Purchases

The most common business approach is following the positive business project development and its successful implementation in the local economic environment to proceed with a real estate purchase (office, shop, store, land) in an effort to avoid the necessity of a monthly rent payment. Likewise, this is easy in Plovdiv since the market is sufficiently flexible and real estate proprietors on many occasions aren’t specialized in renting business units. That is why one can easily find a real estate property within the city appropriate for the needs of the company itself that is offered for sale.

Thanks to the extremely developed and dynamic real estate market, Plovdiv undoubtedly stands among the first of all Bulgarian cities in terms of attractiveness of its trading areas. And that is doubtless an indisputable advantage in the modern world of ongoing business competition.

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