Plovdiv’s Advantages – Location and Infrastructure

Not only does Plovdiv represent the second biggest city in Bulgaria, but it is also a natural territorial center of the country. Historically it was even considered the most logical place for the state capital location.

Historical circumstances award this honor to Sofia, but yet Plovdiv remains a center with enormous economic and cultural contribution and rich heritage. That is the area of the city major advantages in terms of location and infrastructure.


Plovdiv is situated in an ideal place – close enough to the capital city of Sofia so that the advantages of the latter could also be used – airport, cultural and economic institutions of national scale.

The location of Plovdiv (in proximity to The Rhodope and Balkan Mountains as well as The Black See) turns it into a perfect place for business development with recreation and tourism opportunities. It is not surprising that many companies are pleased with that since they are granted an easy and quick access to locations appropriate for business seminars, ‘team building’ activities, etc.

Simultaneously the city is situated in a relative proximity to the Greek and Turkish borders (distance of less than 150 km.) as its central location makes it a crossing point of many transit transportation corridors connecting the three countries.


In regard to its infrastructure Plovdiv can boast with its direct vicinity to the first in Bulgaria’s history completed highway road construction – “Trakia” Highway. Thanks to the latter the journey to Sofia and the port cities of Burgas and Varna takes up only between one and three hours. This undoubtedly attracts many investors who take into consideration all of the above facts and decide to settle in Plovdiv in an effort to take vantage of its key positive features.

Likewise, “Plovdiv” airport represents a serious asset to the city despite not being quite developed at this stage (with only a few regular annual lines and many charter flights). Yet opportunities and potential for its future development exist.

Doubtless, Plovdiv represents a key city within Bulgaria, but the unique mixture of its attractive location and developing infrastructure list it among the most perspective investment places on Bulgarian market. And this must have its positive influence over the forthcoming prosperity of the city in the next few decades.

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