Plovdiv’s Advantages – High-Quality Specialists (Economics and Administration)

Not only does Plovdiv represent the second largest city in the country and a specific center of South Bulgaria, but it is also a real educational academy of specialists in a high range of fields that eventually join and strengthen operational processes in local businesses, outside-Plovdiv ones and even businesses beyond the national border.

The number of high-education institutions in Plovdiv is impressive and the diversity of educational profiles available is indisputable.

In the upcoming articles we’ll try to describe the major aspects of Plovdiv’s rich educational opportunities and the future perspectives before the trained young specialists.

Economics and Administration

At first we should emphasize that economics and administration represent real fundaments in the educational propensity of the city.

Plovdiv offers considerable opportunities for training in the field of economics and administration. Many universities, starting with “The University of Plovdiv”, have specialties with similar profiles. It is essential to point out that a great number of young students graduate successfully on an annual basis in specialties like ‘Macroeconomics’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Business Management’, ‘Accountancy and Analysis’, ‘Financial Management’, etc. Many of the training programs in economics and administration are open to Master’s degree education along with the Bachelor’s qualification.

In the past decade the demand for such specialists increased so much that Plovdiv became home of private colleges entirely oriented to such educational programs like ‘The European College of Economics and Administration’, ‘College of Economics and Administration’, etc.

We should not ignore the fact that many of the other universities in the city also offer attractive specialized qualifications with sophisticated economic and administrative orientation.

Bottom line, every businessman can choose among the thousands of students in these areas graduating successfully in Plovdiv every year, and that is extremely important not only due to the fact that business entities’ proper functionality depends on their economic and administrative capacity, but also due to the increasingly needed well-trained specialists in this field mostly related to the successful absorption of the available European programs funding.

That is why the rich educational opportunities in Plovdiv in terms of economics and administration are to influence in a more and more positive manner the development of the city, the enhancement of the business climate and the increase of the population’s living standard.

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