Plovdiv’s Advantages – Computer and Software Specialists

The variety of modern specialists that could be found in Plovdiv does not end up with the ones graduated in economics and administration. Other especially valued modern specialists are those involved in computers, software programs and development of new software solutions. And young people with diverse skills in this area can be easily found at disposal on Plovdiv’s labor market. It is not surprising that departments of many foreign and local companies oriented towards the city of Plovdiv as an attractive destination offering a unique mixture of quality and price of the qualified labor force.

Computer ”IT“ Specialists:

Plovdiv has a quite well-developed labor market of basic computer ”IT“ specialists possessing sufficient skills and practical experience in computer office nets configuration and their technical support. In this context – every modern company, which must spend funds on such personnel anyway, can count not only on professional services, but also on a quite good price in Plovdiv. And this is especially important since long-term contracts with such specialists are not just necessary, but mandatory in terms of internal business security as well as the smooth execution of the very business process.

Programmers and Software Developers

Programming is the basis of almost every Internet-based business process and to a high extent – the Internet reputation of every company and the penetration into new world markets. In this regard Plovdiv offers a real variety of programmers in different programming languages as well as new software developers in the so called ‘development’ departments. It is not rare, especially in the last two-three years, to witness relatively small foreign companies stepping on the Bulgarian labor market, choosing Plovdiv as the focal point of their software divisions, thereby creating new jobs. Honestly speaking, on many occasions we can see even a shortage of specialists needed for the business but this deficit gets gradually diminished by the more and more numerous young people oriented towards this sector. And here we should point out that the University of Plovdiv has a tremendous contribution to the education and qualification acquirement of the local students who are competing more and more intensively to access any of the modern informative and mathematical specialties that represent an indisputable starting point in the respective field knowledge accumulation.

All this undoubtedly turns Plovdiv not only into a place with modern development in terms of qualification and education of young computer specialists, but also into an overall attraction center to the business. The results of this positive tendency are yet to be received. A part of them will certainly manifest themselves into the local people’s living standard increase as well as the enhancement of the infrastructural and social status of the city.

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