Plovdiv – Transport & Logistics Center

Despite the lack of sea ports and a large modern airport, Plovdiv is turning more and more tangibly into a modern transport and logistics center. In the last few years local transportation companies increased the volume as well as the scope of their services mostly by providing transportation and logistics of goods on the “Asia – Western Europe” route.

What makes Plovdiv such an important transport center?

Many factors turn Plovdiv into a place appropriate for investment, development and successful realization of transport and logistics projects:

• Geographical location

Plovdiv is located in the very heart of the Upper Thracian valley having a direct highway connection with Sofia and the Black sea port city of Bourgas. In addition, the city is about 120 km. away from Turkey and Greece with an almost ready direct highway connection with Istanbul. All this makes Plovdiv the ideal place for transport business projects.

• Diversity

Plovdiv is famous for its overall diversity which has ultimately turned the city into a center of commerce, transport and logistics. Diverse business relations and the large variety of people residing in this ancient city represent the basis of its diversification and all available business opportunities. On the one hand, this creates opportunities for more intensive trade activities and better connectivity with other geographical areas, and on the other – it provides diverse labor force that could be successfully used in such types of activities.

• Traditions

Beyond doubt, the city traditions in transportation, communication and logistics represent an important component in the variety of factors that form the favorable business conditions in Plovdiv as a key economic center.

Transportation companies in Plovdiv reported a positive development trend in 2014 in conditions of a fragile economy. Their contribution to the city economy and business environment is crucial – the volume and capacity in this regard increased. Investments in transportation are realized by foreign entrepreneurs as well which additionally enhances the economic conditions. Taking all this into account, Plovdiv will undoubtedly continue to be one of the main transport and logistics centers in Bulgaria.

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