Plovdiv’s Advantages – Foreign Language Specialists

In the course of our series of articles regarding Plovdiv’s business and investment opportunities popularization we should undoubtedly pay attention to the specialists in the field of foreign languages that are available in the city.

Along with the globalization and Internet technologies development processes as we all as with the communication opportunities made possible thanks to the modern telecommunication technology, it is now entirely within the realms of possibility to outsource departments dealing with customer support services of global corporations and smaller companies. At the dawn of this tendency it was quite logical that such activities were oriented mostly toward third-world countries with large population having English language skills. Gradually, however, such a trend appeared towards the developing South-East European economies, including Bulgaria.

In this context the city of Plovdiv turned into an attractive destination for foreign companies departments willing to find a reasonable price of their payroll costs related to hiring well-trained young specialists speaking one or several foreign languages.

University language specialties, foreign language schools, foreign language courses

Plovdiv has several universities offering professional education specialized in the practice and training of many foreign languages. Besides, a large part of these courses include deeper knowledge in the area of computer technologies, economics, engineering, etc.

We should not disregard the fact that pre-university foreign language training gets executed at an intensive pace in specialized foreign language schools and courses. Likewise, there are now many classes in ordinary public schools where foreign languages get trained intensively.

Practice – Call Centers, Translation agencies

Doubtless, most valued are foreign language specialists in more and more expanding call centers in the city. These firms generally represent entirely outsourced foreign companies departments aiming at cost optimization in this particular business aspect. There is great demand for English language specialists (this language gradually turned into a must for the employees of such companies) as well as German, French, Italian and Spanish speaking ones.

Many other graduated students find jobs in specialized translation agencies in Plovdiv at the disposal of expanding international business investors in the city.

In conclusion, we should point out that the city of Plovdiv is more and more acquiring the image of a modern business center that offers a variety of opportunities for successful fulfillment of international investment strategies, including the mandatory availability of a sufficient number of well-trained foreign language specialists.

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