Plovdiv – A Variety of Investment Opportunities

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria located in the very heart of the country, representing a key cultural and historical centre in terms of state development and regional economic achievements.

Nowadays the city provides excellent opportunities in almost all business sectors generating a unique mixture of a relatively high life standard, impressive everyday convenience and rich cultural events.

Plovdiv undoubtedly develops its business environment trying in many aspects to attain a standard of business relations and modern economic interconnections similar to the one in the capital city, although, of course, on a much narrower scale.

The series of our articles on the hill city business opportunities popularization aims at putting an emphasis on the advantages of Plovdiv over other cities in Bulgaria as well as on its being a modern European business centre. At the same time we will try to point out both the variety of business opportunities and the extremely high level of accountancy services in the city, reached and achieved thanks to the professional attitude of the local accountant specialists.

Plovdiv has the capacity of a highly developed labor market in its two main aspects – economic and educational. Thus, the labor force available to business investors can be simultaneously cheap and qualitative which has no practical alternative in the entire state. The low monthly remuneration level seems quite impressive to investors in the background of the European one, but also in comparison to the existing levels in the capital city of Sofia. On the other hand, the quality is at a very high level thanks to the educational practice available to almost all residents in the region.

Likewise, Plovdiv offers also a very well-developed infrastructure – in terms of its transportation aspects as well as its telecommunication characteristics. The process of facilitation of any business project in this context seems an easy task which can be fulfilled at a relatively low price.

All these advantages along with many others, which are to be emphasized in our upcoming articles, turn the city of Plovdiv into an attractive investment destination in state context (to local businesses) as well as in the framework of the entire European union (to foreign investors). It is hardly a coincidence that so many international companies already executed their first investment steps in the city in an effort to keep up with the expansion of their activity and to re-direct gradually even a greater part of their internal departments into this business investment paradise place.

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