Taxation – Key Business Stimulus Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher
  • Taxation – Key Business Stimulus

    Give your business a fresh start by investing in Bulgaria – take vantage of the extremely low tax burden in this EU state member.

  • Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away

    The access into Bulgaria’s economic life has never been easier – “RPN Accounting” will show you the ropes.

  • Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations

    The communication with Bulgaria’s authorities can be executed in a fast, predictable and flawless fashion.

  • Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability

    The high range of companies investing in Bulgaria proves the beneficial aspect of the outsourcing formula in all state economic sectors.

  • Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher

    Investments in Bulgaria can provide an extraordinary business opportunity within the EU - extremely low payroll cost for high-quality labor force.

Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher

Payroll cost has always been regarded as one of the most considerable investment factors in terms of outsourcing business projects, lowering the overall expenses and keeping the services provided to a certain level of quality. Companies always search for the best place to move their business to – the one that can ensure an appropriate level of legislation and law protection along with acceptable and even advantageous payroll tax rates. Thus, the ultimate goal of investors is to remain to the same good position or even attain enhancement in their market position.

We, the specialists of one of the local fastest developing accountancy and consultancy company – “RPN Accounting”, would like to draw your attention to an opportunity that could launch your business perspectives to a higher standard in both your services and profits – investments in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has been one of the EU member states since 2007, ever since developing the quality of its economic performance in an impressive fashion. All legislation procedures and requirements have been thoroughly unified with those of the Europe’s most developed countries, thereby ensuring stable and attractive business environment for further investments.

Besides that, however, one of the most essential incentives for foreign entrepreneurs to outsource their business to Bulgaria is the unique melding of low-cost employment expenses and high-quality labor force.

RPN Accounting” has developed a simple comparison between the payroll tax burden in Bulgaria and its neighboring country Greece. The results are summarized and clearly visible in the following table:


Employer Social Security (2011)

Employee Social Security (2011)

Income Tax (2011)


12.6 %

9.7 %



22 %


18 % – 45 %

* Some of the figures shown in the table are in approximate values.

 The above stated data explain the reasons behind the on-going tendency in today’s complicated situation of economic and financial crisis resulting in outsourcing businesses from Greece to Bulgaria. More and more Greek investors are stepping into the Bulgarian market moving their headquarters and registration into this attractive business destination.

Here comes our key role in the process described above – “RPN Accounting” has the capacity and ability to assist you in your smooth access into the Bulgarian legislation, accountancy and economic environment. Irrespective of your country of origin, we can provide you with professional and competent advice with regards to your plans to hire staff in Bulgaria and get acquainted with the advantages of such a step, should you decide to execute it.

Our experience and knowledge in that field could be of great importance to you even if you are simply doing pure research work on the local market labor force in terms of quality, education and professionalism.

The specialists of “RPN Accounting” will be more than glad to share their experience with you and guide you through to your research pointing out the indisputable benefits that you might take vantage of once you decide to outsource your business entity into Bulgaria.

Expert figures suggest that you could decrease the labor cost of your company taking into consideration the fact that both the labor force starting cost and the employers’ and employees’ tax burden is of extremely low values for the EU.

In addition to that, there should be no doubt in the quality of the labor since Bulgaria is known for its great educational system and high range of universities that prepare future employees in conformity with all standards introduced by the EU educational framework.

Don’t hesitate and don’t miss the great opportunity to optimize your business in the best possible way without even the need for outsourcing segments outside the European Union.