Outsourcing in Plovdiv – Advantages & Perspectives

The outsourcing investments of foreign companies in Bulgaria have many indisputable economic and entrepreneurial advantages that we drew your attention to in our previous researches. It is really essential, however, to decide where in particular as location outsourcing investments should be directed to – which city could offer the most attractive opportunities as price and quality.

Where in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria can boast with quite diverse geographical points – each with its strong and weak points. Airports, harbors, international transport corridors, proximity to national border, etc. These are only few of the major points that could be basis of such analysis as geographically economic characteristics of the respective location. Likewise, factors like living standard, rents, salaries, educational background, traditions, etc. are equally important. Those demographically economic characteristics have a tremendous impact when it comes to a reasonable investment.

Why Plovdiv?

Plovdiv is the second largest city, situated in the very heart of Bulgaria – easily accessible from all directions.

But which are its particular advantages compared to the capital city of Sofia or other smaller cities?

Here are the most important advantages of Plovdiv in comparison to the rest outsourcing destinations within the country:

- Unique geographical location and climate

- Transport and infrastructural development

- Low-cost rents (much lower than these in Sofia and yet not that much higher than the ones in the smaller cities)

- Educated labor force (most of the young people speak English and other languages)

- Low salaries (much lower than these in Sofia and yet not that much higher than the ones in the smaller cities)

Doubtless, the complex business analyses include consideration of various others, much more delicate issues related mostly to the individual characteristics of the business itself and the company’s activity realization. The factors described above are, however, the grounds (basis) of every research on any outsourcing investment preparation and execution and that is exactly why they play a key role.

Taking into consideration all these circumstances, the decision on the particular destination of your business outsourcing in Bulgaria does not seem so complicated.

The only true answer is: PLOVDIV

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