Plovdiv – Opportunities for Greek Companies

Historically Plovdiv has always been closely related to Greece – there are many people of Greek origin residing permanently in town and the local universities are quite popular among Greeks. The inextricable bonds between the second largest Bulgarian city and the Greek tradition do not end up here. There is a special Greek consulate in Plovdiv serving to the interests of Greek citizens abroad if at all they can refer to the city that way. Plovdiv formed long ago as their second home and the existing local opportunities are becoming more and more popular among the ordinary people in Greece as well as the entrepreneurs in search for the right business formula.

Greek companies in Plovdiv – more than a business opportunity

Right on the very threshold of the city every Greek businessman gets impressed by the level of convenience of starting a business in the local economic environment. The national legislation as well as the local administration helpfulness gives a wide range of opportunities for a quick and easy access to the local business life and many circumstances help our south neighbors feel at home. A great number of Greek banks have opened branches in the city and in each one of them you could be assisted by a Greek-speaking representative, thereby avoiding language restrictions in that essential business communication aspect. At the same time Plovdiv is home for many Greek-speaking specialists in various fields and the local consultancy and accountancy companies’ experience in Greek projects involvement represents a warranty of high-quality services.

It is not surprising that from the beginning of the recession in Greece there has been an ostensible tendency of registration of Bulgarian companies operating with Greek capital funds and Greek business projects. This trend has its logical explanation in the many advantages of the city (described in details in our specially created series of articles) as well as in the mentioned traditions in this regard.

Future perspectives

Plovdiv is practically the ideal center for Greek investors – in economic and infrastructural terms. Its image and close relation to the Greek economic life emphasize the favorable opportunities before the Greek businessmen to register affiliate companies, outsource parts of existing Greek businesses or initiate and register entirely new entrepreneurial projects. This will invariably result in the actual progress of the local economy and will increase the existing competitiveness – hence, it will certainly enhance the living standard of the local population.

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