“IT” Industry in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is getting more and more famous for its “IT” industry, especially the available R&D (Research & Development) specialists in this area. On a world scale software developers (programmers, web designers, visualization specialists, etc.) are among the most wanted and the best paid professions. Their work usually includes sophisticated knowledge in a particular area and specific skills in products development on the basis of a certain program language.

The latest data suggest that Bulgaria currently needs at least 20 000 “IT” specialists. As a rule of thumb the presently working people in the branch are highly paid and opportunities for development and achievements are given even to the most ill-experienced in the area.

Basically, software specialists develop specific functionality options of a certain software product through a given program language. This language allows the creation of specific codes, relations, inter-dependencies that facilitate and control a certain software behavior.

Many analysts explain the variety of “IT” specialists in Bulgaria with the professional mathematics educational training in the country. Another reason could be traditions and achievements of the Bulgarian education in the area of mathematics and informatics.

Bulgaria is getting more and more popular for its “IT” capacity, mostly due to the below circumstances:

• Variety of specialists
• Good training, knowledge and experience of the available “IT” specialists
• Low labor cost
• Labor and commerce legislation in accordance with all EU requirements
• Proximity to European markets and headquarters of popular “IT” corporations outsourcing parts of their development

Not surprisingly, the educational system of the country has already been updated with informatics and computer technologies as major subjects. The attractive potential realization and the expectations of many specialists that “IT” technologies will be practically integrated in every economic activity within today’s business society pushed a lot of young people into this area of knowledge and education.

Taking into account the considerable currently accumulated experience of the Bulgarian “IT” sector (in terms of high-level software developers managing large global projects in grand-scale business corporations), we can assume that Bulgaria’s future in this aspect is quite optimistic in terms of both employment and solvency of the respective specialists as well as potential local “IT” projects that are yet to search for their niche on the world market.

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