Invest in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has undoubtedly turned into one of the most attractive investment destinations in Eastern Europe for the last decade. Its fast-developing market economy and the high quality of its labor force caught the attention of numerous Western investors who oriented towards executing two main investment steps:

• Discovering Bulgaria’s relatively good economic market potential.

• Outsourcing a part of their entire business into the country.

This automatically resulted in the more than impressive growth of Bulgaria’s economy in the years before the global crisis as well as the steadily positive economic development even in the most severe years of the world’s economic and financial downturn.

Why investing in Bulgaria?

Not only can Bulgaria offer a “tax paradise” of its own kind, but it can also provide investors with a steady economic environment and a highly qualified population known for their excellent level of education and experience.

Although Bulgaria’s post-communism recovery took several long and hard years, the country is currently on its clearly designated course towards progress and prosperity within the European Union. That makes it an attractive partner in investors’ future plans.

Another advantage which importance should not be disregarded is the country’s location and close partnership with major European states – Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey. The last two countries are even Bulgaria’s official neighboring countries. That makes their economic relations to Bulgaria inextricably bound to be inter-connected.

What are the main advantages of this country?

  • • Extremely low tax burden

    • Highly qualified and educated labor force

    • Extremely low labor price

    • EU membership

    • Steady and relatively strong economy

Investments in Bulgaria can easily turn into an unexpectedly pleasant re-start for your business – one of the opportunities that should not be missed. Furthermore, it represents a step that should be well considered since such decisions can exemplify the difference between the mediocre and the professional entrepreneurship spirit and business initiative.