Taxation – Key Business Stimulus Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher
  • Taxation – Key Business Stimulus

    Give your business a fresh start by investing in Bulgaria – take vantage of the extremely low tax burden in this EU state member.

  • Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away

    The access into Bulgaria’s economic life has never been easier – “RPN Accounting” will show you the ropes.

  • Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations

    The communication with Bulgaria’s authorities can be executed in a fast, predictable and flawless fashion.

  • Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability

    The high range of companies investing in Bulgaria proves the beneficial aspect of the outsourcing formula in all state economic sectors.

  • Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher

    Investments in Bulgaria can provide an extraordinary business opportunity within the EU - extremely low payroll cost for high-quality labor force.

Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away

The access into a foreign economic life in terms of registration a separate entity, getting acquainted with the local legislation and the basic accountancy and financial rules has always been a great challenge before the development of the international companies willing to expand both the range of their services and the location of their representatives. This process is inextricably bound to launching a great deal of efforts into research work and educational and training procedures in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to real action.

That is why the key role of “RPN Accounting” is to ensure that all foreign investors and international companies that intend to start their business projects in Bulgaria can get professional assistance in making their initial steps.

What is more – the specialists of “RPN Accounting” are dedicated to establishing a healthy constant partnership with all our clients throughout their overall economic and investment procedures. Thus, we can accomplish our ultimate mission – providing international business projects with the competent accountancy and consultancy aid they need in order to build up a strong local business structure that could be an invaluable addition to their international expansion and development plans.

RPN Accounting” is specialized in providing professional advice in several major steps with regards to future investments in Bulgaria:

  • • Basic and advanced consultancy services
    • Registration procedures
    • Economic and accountancy range of the entity
    • Thorough financial and accountancy services

First of all, the professional team of “RPN Accounting” has been trained and prepared for being able to execute full-range consultancy coverage of all international business projects that might be interested in stepping into the Bulgarian economic market. We are capable of ensuring you will receive the most up-to-date information in terms of legislation, economic and accountancy developments, trends and requirements. We know that this is highly appreciated by all those entrepreneurs that do not feel comfortable in the local business environment and seek for further competent assistance.

Secondly, “RPN Accounting” can boast with its rich experience in the field of registration new business entities which will indubitably be your first actual step after making the decision to start your investment plans. We can be extremely helpful in getting you through the sophisticated procedure of the legislative formation of your own local firm.

Furthermore, the specialists of “RPN Accounting” can advise you in regard to the economic and accountancy range of your new entity. We can help you build your internal accountancy system in conformity with the needs of your own business. That way you might rest assured that the accountancy of your company will represent much more than just statistical procedures. We strongly believe the accountancy as a whole can be much more management-purposes-related.

Last but not least, “RPN Accounting” offer you the chance to opt for establishing your long-term partnership with us, getting thorough accountancy services from our company. Thus, you will not have to commit to anything else but your management and investment plans and functions within your own business entity. Our Team will move all your accountancy procedures in a smooth and competent fashion at the most professional level possible.

RPN Accounting” can be your true partner in starting your business in Bulgaria providing services that can be considered reaching perfection in the field. We can be your invaluable advisor so that your new adventure can thrive and develop just the way you planned it. This path might not be easy, but when we are walking it together it will certainly lead to a brighter future.