Franchise Business in Bulgaria

One of the most successful business formulas nowadays is franchise. It represents a relatively light and low-risk investment that includes the use of already popular trademarks.

Franchise business has been a successful business form in Bulgaria for years, bringing low risk and high level of success and profitability.

Franchise in Bulgaria represents a successful business formula

Many world and European companies stepped on the Bulgarian market through franchising. In this business projects local companies acquire the right to use a particular world famous trademark but also the obligation to keep their quality to the high standards of the mark itself all over the world.

Examples in this regard are the restaurants of “Subway”, „МcDonald’s”, gas stations, cafes and even financial and audit companies.

Why is franchising successful in Bulgaria?

The most difficult part of a successful business project development is the creation of an appropriate business reputation that could accumulate sufficient (practically guaranteed) turnover. Besides, the trademark is a warranty of a certain quality level of the offered goods and services.

In the last few years there has been an apparent demand in both above mentioned terms. On the one hand, businesses look for guaranteed business niches and higher customer loyalty. On the other hand, customers look for qualitative goods and services more robustly by trusting the trademark itself.
Those are arguably the key advantages of franchising that explain its development in the country.

Bulgaria clearly proves its economy orientation towards the most successful business formulas in the current situation. Indisputable evidence for that is the fact that some Bulgarian companies turn to franchising for popularization of their products abroad (“Happy” restaurants, “Nedelya“ cafeterias, etc.).

Through similar steps Bulgarian businesses successfully apply western business models with proved market efficiency. This represents a clear indication that the national economy development is moving in the right direction.

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