Flexibility & Variety of Labor Legislation

Labor legislation is very important for the development and functionality of every economy. The opportunities provided by the available labor legislation in a certain country can attract and stimulate business investments or make the realization of many business projects much more difficult.

As an EU member state Bulgaria has well-functioning and clearly arranged labor legislation that describes all rights and obligations of every participant in the labor process. This fact contributes to the easier understanding of all relations deriving from business activities on the territory of the country.

Basically, Bulgaria’s labor legislation gives attractive opportunities for the realization of specific relations through its variety and flexibility. The most common forms of employer/employee relations arrangement are:

Labor Contract

This is the most common form of business relations in labor terms. It gives considerable rights and obligations to both parties. This form is recommended mostly in long-term employment contracts built on permanent and more complex dependencies on business (employer) and worker’s (employee’s) side. Labor contracts allow the accomplishment of greater security on the labor market marking the steady level of employment and economy.

Civil Contract

Civil contracts are commonly used nowadays to arrange the relations between the business (employer) and the contractor (employee). This form is appropriate in short-term labor engagement for a one-time assignment of certain work within a certain (short) period of time. These labor relations cause rights and obligations related only to the fulfillment of the particular task with no further engagement. That is why the civil contract is applicable in many business projects that require one-time cover of a particular job.


This is a commonly used form of relations between employers and employees applicable in cases when the process involves one and the same person. Many jobs and free-lancer professions require mandatory registration as self-employed with all related rights and duties. This labor legislation form guarantees that people who arrange their business activity by themselves will take their responsibility towards the healthcare, social security, pension and tax system of the country.

The variety and flexibility of Bulgaria’s labor legislation re-confirm the country’s image of an attractive and predictable investment destination which business environment gives reasonable opportunities for the arrangement of all economic relations between the participants in all business processes.

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