E-Sick Leave – Soon in Practice

Employers, employees, doctors and state administrators will soon be able to use a considerable innovation in their work. As a part of the overall business platform of electronic opportunities popularization and further practical use of technological progress, the launch of an electronic form and an overall electronic sick leave processing system is expected by the end of this year.

At first glance this not that complicated implementation could turn out to be an essential innovation in the process of business and accounting operations simplification. Being a part of the overall strategy to accomplish tangible progress in the area of “electronic government”, the e-sick leave will have not only a practical administrative role, but will also result in the actual standard and environment enhancement for every Bulgarian citizen.

The e-sick leave will have positive implications the most important of which are:

- No further requirements of physical issue, movement and file of sick leaves.

The medical electronic system will have direct contact to the state institutions (NSSI), ensuring every sick leave gets automatically logged. The information required from the employer will be reduced to communication on the status and the insurance income of the person.

- No more misunderstanding.

Thanks to the new system any chance or risk of inaccurate issue of documents, incorrect leave period as well as any other palpable errors (which detection and correction currently get delayed) will be reduced to minimum.

- Speed and Accuracy of money transfers.

Through the electronic sick leave system employees will receive their compensation much faster with no risk of delays as a result of incorrectly executed money transfers. Data processing by the National Social Security Institute administration will be done much more effectively which should lead to the greater optimization of the process itself.

Beyond doubt, the e-sick leave introduction would represent a great benefit to the business in the process of its permanent correlation to its personnel as well as state institutions. That will certainly contribute to the overall business climate enhancement in Bulgaria.

February 15th, 2014 Posted by RPNAdmin Filed in: Other