Taxation – Key Business Stimulus Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher
  • Taxation – Key Business Stimulus

    Give your business a fresh start by investing in Bulgaria – take vantage of the extremely low tax burden in this EU state member.

  • Initial Steps – Getting Started Straight Away

    The access into Bulgaria’s economic life has never been easier – “RPN Accounting” will show you the ropes.

  • Transparency in Your Local Authorities’ Relations

    The communication with Bulgaria’s authorities can be executed in a fast, predictable and flawless fashion.

  • Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability

    The high range of companies investing in Bulgaria proves the beneficial aspect of the outsourcing formula in all state economic sectors.

  • Payroll Cost Optimization – Get Your Profit Higher

    Investments in Bulgaria can provide an extraordinary business opportunity within the EU - extremely low payroll cost for high-quality labor force.

Companies’ Variety – Proof of Outsourcing Profitability

The number of companies willing to invest in a certain country represents an indisputable factor for the development level of the state economy itself. Once the economy starts emphasizing its apparent advantages and competitive power, companies from all over the world begin to consider the opportunity to invest in its economy in an effort to optimize their business. That is the precise description of the economic events that have been happening in Bulgaria for more than a decade.

Now, the country can proudly claim its leading role in the region in terms of foreign investments inflow as well as successful businesses development and enhancement of the majority of companies that have taken the chance to join Bulgaria’s economic life.

Being specialists in the field of accountancy and financial monitoring over the tendencies in the country and the different ways of international companies’ development, “RPN Accounting” can clearly state that the range and types of businesses which move to Bulgaria are constantly increasing. A great number of firms find it more and more attractive to step into the local market having in mind the favorable state taxation policy, the low labor force cost and the fair and well-known legislation requirements.

Thus, international companies can attain entire optimization of their specific activity without the need for jeopardizing the quality or quantity of their products, thereby ultimately confirming their reputation level.

The greatest share in the rich spectrum of companies that have already invested in Bulgaria or consider that opportunity is split mainly between the following sectors:

  • • IT technology companies (high-tech, software, etc.)
    • Construction companies (real estate construction, infrastructural projects, etc.)
    • Transportation companies (international transport, expedition, etc.)

The most considerable growth in the recent years has been achieved in the IT technology sector which is indubitably the fastest developing one worldwide. Bulgaria’s well-trained IT specialists and the relatively low cost of their labor make the country an attractive destination for companies in that sector. More and more IT firms are moving their offices or open new branches in Bulgaria.

In the light of that trend, the professional team of “RPN Accounting” has oriented towards reaching perfection in the area of providing consultancy and accountancy services to companies from all different sectors, especially the IT one. We are well aware of all legislation requirements related to the proper financial accountancy of those companies, ensuring their proper functioning in the local economic environment. Moreover, we realize that all specific features of those companies’ activity is bound to special treatment in terms of payroll optimization and executing particular reports to both local and government authorities and the management of the company itself.

RPN Accounting” can do all of the above, should you decide to take vantage of our services. We consider the levels of satisfaction reached among our present international clients the best evidence for our success in this area.

Beyond doubt, the highest results can be accomplished only through well-thought and reasonable actions in all relevant fields of each single business project including the establishment of beneficial partnership in the field of accountancy and finances. “RPN Accounting” offers that opportunity by guaranteeing professionalism and competence that could provide your international company with smooth and flawless introduction in the local economic life ensuring the easier achievement of both prosperity and growth.