Call Centers in Bulgaria – Variety of Foreign Languages Specialists

A great deal of literacy and education in foreign languages is demanded for the functionality of call centers not only due to the fact that the customer support and communication is executed directly in real time, but also since it is quite common that services get provided to native speakers by non-native ones. Quite often native Britons or Americans are advised in English, native Germans – in German, etc., and all this is done by a person skilled at the respective language following intensive training rather than being a native speaker.

That is the main reason why call centers managers are so strict about the languages skills level – this is the “brand” of the provided services and an inextricable part of achieving customer satisfaction.

In today’s global world foreign languages skills seem more common than ever, but the really proficient skills are still rather rare and yet they are a must for the professional work within an international call center.

Why languages specialists from Bulgaria?

Having in mind the requirements to the foreign language skills of call center specialists, Bulgaria seems quite an appropriate destination for such businesses and the very practice proves that statement. It is not a secret that after the democratic changes at the beginning of the 90-s the Bulgarian educational system prioritized mostly foreign languages training – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish in particular. The existence of hundreds of foreign languages classes in different schools (even in the smallest towns) as well as many philological specialties in many universities guarantees profound and deep knowledge in foreign languages. This very trend is showing impressive results now – Bulgaria can boast with a tremendous number of young people with narrower as well as broader knowledge in at least one foreign language.

We shouldn’t disregard the fact that Bulgarian youngsters (unlike many of their western colleagues) don’t find working in a call center humiliating in any aspect. On the contrary – they demonstrate ambitions and their satisfaction is especially high.

On the other hand, employers remain pleasantly surprised with the high educational level of the job applicants, their erudition, motivation and realization ambitions. Practically, the satisfaction represents a two-way process here and that is one of the “win-win” situations when we are used to saying there are only winners.

The conclusion is more that obvious:


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