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In today’s world of extremely high-developed technologies and Internet-based business, investment and management models discussions on the so called “e-management”, also known in Bulgaria as “e-government”, are getting more and more common. This management type makes individuals and companies much more flexible in their business management, especially in their communication with state and municipal institutions. The e-government allows the transfer of institutional relations to the online connection platform that should entirely replace the so far existing physical parameters of this interaction.

According to UN Bulgaria is the 44th country in the list of development and achievements in e-government with an index of 0.5590 (Leader in this classification is South Korea with an index of 0.8785).

Bulgaria has actively functioning online services provided by several important institutions. These very services available to individuals and companies represent an important part of the e-government. The above mentioned functionality includes interaction with The National Revenue Agency (NRA), The National Social Security Institute (NSSI), The Business Register Agency (BRA) and several municipal organizations.

In the early 2011 major introductory steps of e-government innovations were made. Tendencies suggest this will continue with even higher intensity in the next EU-funding program period. Changes in the E-Government Act are expected – they will be coordinated with all affected parties in the field of information and communication technologies.

Beyond doubt, e-government in general and its further development and application will invariably enhance Bulgaria’s business environment. Currently many foreign and even some local investors acknowledge that a major setback for starting and managing a business project is the slow and ineffective administration that hinders and formally and practically slows down the realization of many procedures.

The introduction of even more developed technologies and e-portals as a part of the overall e-government concept is expected to make Bulgaria even more open to innovations, business-oriented projects and investment campaigns. Simultaneously the indisputable advantage of the country in telecommunication and Internet infrastructure is to additionally accelerate this positive economic process.

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