Business & Accounting – Plovdiv

As the second largest city in Bulgaria Plovdiv has a good business development level and considerable investment predisposition towards both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Located in the very heart of a rich and productive region the city is a historical center of intensive business activity and indisputable economic traditions.

In the last twenty five years Plovdiv turned into an attractive place for many companies. Of course, the scale of the realized investment projects in the city and the adjacent area is far from the one in the capital city of Sofia but is yet impressive in the context of the overall development of the country.
Gradually many large-scale trading and manufacturing companies opened offices in the city. Most recently more and more companies providing services have appeared, especially such representing foreign outsourced departments.

Along with its business development Plovdiv can logically boast with high-quality accounting and financial services. This key business activity is becoming more and more important to active entities in the context of the complex real business relations. That is why competition in this area is high – there is a growing tendency of gradual shift of these services demand from sole price orientation to “price-quality” preferences. Depending on the particular needs of the company, its image, traditions and demands the available accounting services could be highly diversified. This is mostly due to foreign companies searching for security, professionalism and competence. Many of them are not particularly interested in the price only – it does not represent a key factor in the business decision-making process.

Taking into account the above described circumstances and the fact that many companies have offices in the capital city and the second largest city in the country, Plovdiv (like every modern business center) provides opportunities for the simultaneous and inter-dependent development of business and accounting. Thus, the available accounting services quality remains quite good managing to catch up with Sofia’s one – circumstances that determine steady economic development

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