Bulgaria’s Technological progress

As a rapidly developing EU member state, hardly is it a surprise that Bulgaria has recorded an impressive technological progress. Nowadays economic prosperity is impossible without the use of high technological achievements.

What seems to be realized by few Bulgarians, but makes a great impression on western citizens, is the availability of high technologies to ordinary people. All free „Wi-Fi” zones represent an eloquent proof of the massive application and use of the technological prosperity. Internet access for businesses and individuals is extremely easy and cheap using optic links to both offices and houses. Mobile networks have an impressive “3G” coverage providing fast Internet connection that allows the use of mobile technologies all over the country. Comparison with Western Europe must be drawn – rarely free “Wi-Fi” zones could be found there, while the Internet connection speed in many cases is far from Bulgaria’s standards.

Why does Bulgaria have these technological advantages?

The answer to the above question is a matter of great interest taking into account the undisputed fact that the country’s economy is still catching up with the European levels which will certainly continue several more years.

One of the explanations provided by specialists is related to East Europe’s traditions in general (including Bulgarian ones) as well as the low living standard (despite the apparent paradox). Most of the local people are not used (or have no financial resources) to pay high prices for such services. That is why the companies operating on the market work at a small margin. As a result, free „Wi-Fi” zones appear everywhere and Internet is accessible from almost every home or office. People get used to this convenience entering more and more the world of modern technologies.

Perspectives for Bulgaria

High-tech specialists claim that Bulgaria will be among the first to introduce the active use of the so called “Third Platform” (based on four types of technological innovations – cloud services, social networks, mobile applications & large data base storage). How businesses (especially small and medium ones) will adapt to these technologies will be a matter of interest, but it is beyond doubt that we have many reasons to believe that Bulgaria will preserve its unique modern technological capacity.

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