Bulgaria’s Advantages – Modern Infrastructure

In the course of discussing the advantages of a certain economy we cannot ignore the role of the existing infrastructure which is a major prerequisite for the business development. Not surprisingly have so many politicians and economists emphasized that the state infrastructure represents the “blood vessels” of the country’s economy.

Following the accelerated infrastructural development in Bulgaria in the socialist era, a serious decline was reported at the beginning of the democratic transition to market economy. Gradually, however, initially fable, but afterwards more and more tangible progress was observed following the considerable pre-joining EU programs funding absorption. And consequently (after the full EU membership accession) an impressive rise in the infrastructural investments was noted which undoubtedly boosts the economy, especially at a moment of a world economic downturn.

When speaking of infrastructure it is essential to take into consideration two major aspects having a serious impact on the economy of every single state:

- Road and Transport Infrastructure

In terms of road and transport infrastructure Bulgaria did attain great progress in the last few years. Intensive road construction work finally instigated projects that were delayed for decades and it seems that not long afterwards the country will possess an unprecedented in its history number of high-way and first-class roads kilometers. Key border roads were also built as well as the “New Europe” bridge (hardly the second one over Danube connecting Bulgaria and Romania). Renovated and entirely modernized airports also opened Bulgaria to the world. All this will invariably result in the foreign investments growth which will be attracted by the easier transport access and the huge state potential.

- Telecommunication Infrastructure

A pleasant surprise for every visitor of the country turns out to be the extremely high level of the infrastructural telecommunication development in Bulgaria. The Internet access is one of the easiest in the entire European Union and the connectivity global net speed can impress even the most developed countries. Mobile technologies are also at a world-class level ensuring flawless access and connection to any place in the world. It is a well-known fact that the business telecommunication nowadays has no alternative and in this respect Bulgaria provides especially attractive opportunities.

The overall level of infrastructural development in Bulgaria and the upcoming future perspectives before it represent a serious warranty for the diverse options of making easy and profitable business in the country. This is being more and more realized by local and foreign businessmen who expand their businesses and transfer a considerable part of their company’s departments in the hospitable Balkan country.

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