Bulgaria – Technological & Computer Potential

All investors and businessmen consider technological and computer skills of the available labor force extremely important and even a key factor of business projects successful realization. Beyond doubt, modern knowledge and skills in this area are a must for everyone engaged in a semi-specialized labor activity.

That is why every country normally invests efforts and tries to develop in this aspect. This is valid for Bulgaria as well since most of its advantages derive from the intellectual potential of its labor force.

Is Bulgaria competitive in terms of technological and computer potential of its active population?

The overall image of the country is formed by its serious technological orientation dating back to the time prior to the market economy transition period. The intelligence and education of the local human resource contribute to the development and faster and easier distribution of more complex knowledge such as technological know-how.

Currently the labor market consists of people competent at high-tech and computer products. Not surprisingly do many companies open offices and development centers in the country admitting the main reasons for such investments are the labor force quality, low prices, European legislation, low taxes and predictable business conditions.

We should not ignore the fact that Bulgaria is famous for its quite well-developed telecommunication while Internet use is both easy and cheap – circumstances resulting in the fact that many Bulgarians have an independent Internet access regardless of their actual societal position, financial status or geographical location. And that has its respective contribution to the overall enhancement of the population’s technological and computer skills.

Of course, we should acknowledge that a part of the actively working people in Bulgaria is aged and having an educational background (mostly viewed as educational orientation) that does not allow the accomplishment of impressive progress in computer and technological terms. That can’t be, however, considered a serious disadvantage since even some of those people adapt to the new technological requirements, while others naturally quit active employment entering pension age.

It is obvious that Bulgaria has great potential for technological development – the process of technological and computer skills acquirement has already started and the realization of human resource’s actual capabilities are to come in the foreseeable future.

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