Bulgaria – Attractive Investment Destination

In an effort to promote Bulgaria’s advantages in the process of actual successful business projects development we are to publish a series of articles with explanatory as well as highly efficient impact regarding the emphasis on key issues a businessman should take into account while choosing when and why he should execute his next investment move.

The articles are designed to address foreign investors as well as the more and more effective Bulgarian business that managed to meet the crisis challenges having sufficient funds and potential to plan next steps related to their own development and expansion.

The main question which positive answer we are going to give is “Why should Bulgaria be considered an attractive investment destination?”. The aspects that should be included in the full and unambiguously positive attitude to this topic are inextricably bound to simply financial and economic indicators as well as infrastructural, ethical, educational, moral and traditional factors.

Financially and economically Bulgaria’s achievements could be undoubtedly defined as indisputable, especially in the last decade – time of accelerated development and key law and political reformations execution, having affected the formation of the positive country’s investment image. The major factors for the latter could be easily defined – the tax system, the low corporate tax, the low dividend tax, the low labor force insurance burden, the low average salary, etc.

Besides, Bulgaria attained serious progress in terms of its infrastructural business development. In this respect, the construction business boom resulted in the appearance of new high-quality business buildings meeting all existing standards and requirements. And the relatively low price level of working areas, offices and apartments rents represents a real economic stimulus. When speaking about infrastructure we cannot omit to mention the accomplished extremely high-speed levels of communication (Internet, phone and mobile communication channels), again corresponding to the highest existing EU standards.

Last but not least, we will review another major business and investment factor – the labor force and its specific characteristic features in price, educational and morally-ethical aspect – the low average salary for Europe along with the high-quality labor force undoubtedly act as a real “magnet” for a serious and successful business initiatives start.

All these aspects form the overall image of Bulgaria which represents an attractive investment destination with stable future perspectives and on-going tendencies for even greater development and enhancement of the existing economic environment.

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