Accountancy – Profession or Lifestyle

According to most people’s understanding accountancy is usually associated with boring administrative work related to extremely high volume of operative documentation, a great part of which seems unnecessarily complicated. On many occasions accountancy is perceived entirely as a supporting activity – such that goes along with the main work of every company.

In reality, however, not only can’t accountancy be considered minor or simply supporting activity, but it could also represent an interesting and creative job and exceed the definition limitation of the word “profession”.

Why does accountancy matter?

A top-priority task to every educated person and every serious entrepreneur willing to realize particular investment plans or start a certain economic project is finding a professional accountancy partner. This is very important since quite often new activities are related to a series of unknown rights and obligations and there are a lot of risks behind every socio-economic system. Likewise, the professional accounting services shouldn’t be perceived as a precaution only (to avoid possible penalties due to inaccurate legislation compliance), but also as a creative instrument – an opportunity to take advantage of all available business options within a particular system.

Accountancy as a lifestyle – is it possible?

Every activity has its own specific features which proper use could make the difference between unprofessional and professional services in the respective area. And the seriousness, ambition and willingness for realization, enhancement and development have always invoked the quality and motivation in the specific ability perfection.

Hence, although incorrectly considered tedious and rather administrative, accountancy left long ago the restrictive frames of this perception and to a great number of people it is already a lifestyle. The ambition to accomplish an almost unprecedented level of competence and professionalism is the basis of development of many accounting companies.

That is the very way we („RPN Accounting”) are trying to develop as well. Professionalism and quality stand first to us and the search for perfection in our daily tasks represents the driving force in our development and ambitions for more and more ostensible future enhancement.

Because to us accountancy is a LIFESTYLE.

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