A Way to Political Stability

Right after the early parliamentary election in Bulgaria there seems to be enough reasons to consider this could put an end to the unstable political situation in the country. For nearly a year and a half there has been apparent confrontation in political terms that led to unstable government office, low societal approval and institutional and political crisis.

Election poll results, however, seem quite optimistic since they produced a high range of parliamentary parties representing different parts of the society. Practically, the next parliament is to have an extremely high level of representation of separate social groups which could be considered a reason for consensus and stability. As a rule of thumb relations between opposite political formations are smoother under the presence of mediating parties that could improve political dialogue.

Coalition – appropriate government format

Bulgarian society has already demonstrated in an eloquent manner the need for a coalition government including several parties that have reached consensus on the national priorities. As it became obvious in the last few years the coalition government format could be quite appropriate having in mind the clear political responsibility and the opportunities for efficient mutual correction of behavior and policy within the coalition itself.

Economic impact

The profile of the new government will most likely have “right” and “center-right” orientation. This practically means that the Bulgarian government will strictly follow the EU course in terms of tackling the economic and financial crisis and accomplishment of a tangible economic growth. Predictability and business orientation will most likely among the priorities of the new government that will considerably enhance and normalize the local economic environment following the long months of political uncertainty. A steady course of reformation and business measures oriented entirely towards local entrepreneurs and foreign investors can also be expected.

Despite some unanswered questions and the rather early analysis of the future political situation in Bulgaria, we can firmly claim that there are enough reasons to expect stability. However, the achievement of actual political and economic results is entirely dependent on political leaders whose attitude seems far milder and wiser compared to the recent clear confrontation. Nevertheless, it is more than obvious that the political situation in the country is becoming more and more optimistic.

October 05th, 2014 Posted by RPNAdmin Filed in: Other